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Prodigy Electrical Brake Controller


Prodigy Electric Brake Controller

Brand new, complete with instructions, wiring, mounting bracket etc.  DIY price is £175,or professionally installed at our workshop with all necessary wiring £295.

This is the controller that you require to control an electric braking system on your 5th Wheel/Travel Trailer/Boat Trailer.  With stepped braking force to for gradual breaking rather than the damaging 'all or nothing' of cheaper alternatives.

This can be supplied for DIY or we can supply it for you - if you need any help of friendly advice please give us a call on 01638 515700.

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Prodigy Brake Controller - Details
The super sleek and modern design of the Prodigy stands out among all brake controllers. Tekonsha has made installing and using this brake controller simple and easy. You get high performance for a low price!

Tekonsha introduces PRODIGY one of the most advanced and intelligent approaches to trailer brake controls. PRODIGY requiring no manual leveling, is a technological breakthrough among inertia-activated brake controls. Equipped with a self-adjusting sensing device similar to the one used in guided-missile technology to allow for easy, flexible installation - from nearly horizontal to nearly vertical - the Tekonsha PRODIGY constantly adjusts itself to the position of the tow vehicle.

Applies power to the trailer brakes in proportion to vehicle's deceleration.
No level adjustment necessary - it adjusts itself to varying terrain as you drive.
Works proportionally in reverse - great for backing into tough spots.
Digital display depicts voltage delivery to trailer during braking.
Continual diagnostics check for proper connection, shorted magnet condition and much more.
"Boost" feature gives users the ability to apply more initial trailer braking power when towing heavier trailers.
Power-saving mode reduces drain on battery when vehicle is not in use.
Unique pocket mount allows for flexible mounting options.
Quick and easy disconnect feature allows user to remove and store the control when not in use.
Rotary manual brake adjustment lever

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