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An Instant Annexe

An increasing number of our fifth wheels are being used for family members who need a new 'home from home'.

With a fifth wheel, your fully fitted Granny Annexe can be purchased from stock; no planning permission, no build time.

No Planning

Typically siting a caravan in a garden or driveway will not require planning. As long as it is not a permanent residence/is used independently of the main home then your 'Granny Annexe' need no planning application.


Ready in Days

At CCRV we always have a large number of 5th wheels available. If we have what you need we can deliver a unit anywhere mainland UK within a couple of days - ready as you need.


Luxury & Comfort

Whether your 'annexe' is for guests, teens or a relative that can benefit from having you near, we will have the ideal unit to meet your needs.

Ask us about long-term 5th wheel hire.


Granny Annexe

Our Fifth Wheel units come in lengths from 26' to 42' and with living areas of 10' to 14' wide they compete with many forms of accommodation.

Fully fitted with one or more bedrooms, full height showers, toilet, kitchen, dinner, living room, lots of windows, heating, stereo, TV ready and even with air conditioning our fifth wheels are comfortable, convenient and available as soon as your need arises.

Give us a call, arrange a time to view, and we can talk you through the options that will suit your needs...

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Built in America for folks to enjoy touring all year around, fifth wheels are strong, robust, comfortable vehicles designed for many years of adventure.

With electric heating, insulation and double glazing our 5th wheels are perfect for year long living.

Consider a fifth wheel for your Granny Annexe as well as a Garden Office, Garden Room, Live-in Studio, seperate accommodation during difficult times and as Guest Accommodation for visitors.

About Planning

It is true that laws relating to touring caravans also apply to our much larger fifth wheels; which are infinitely more suitable for residential living. If you are considering a fifth wheel as a solution to 'bolt on' Granny Annexe acommodation, then the *following information will be of interest.

The Caravan must be in the ‘Curtilage’ of a dwelling house. This is the drive or garden, not adjoining paddock land, for example.

The use must accompany the house, used by a family member or guest accommodation for example and not rented as a private residence or a separate dwelling or business premises.

The actual structure must conform to the legal definition of a ‘caravan’ based on its size, mobility and construction method.

Overview of the Law – Caravans in Gardens

A caravan, be it a touring or static caravan or a large twin-size mobile home, is regarded as an article of movable personal property known as a ‘chattel’ and there is no public law preventing one being kept in someone’s garden, but there are Laws that regulate the ‘Use’ of land.

The siting of a caravan within the garden of a property does not require express consent provided a ‘material change of use’ has not occurred. Gardens are used for the enjoyment of the main dwelling house. If a caravan is parked in a drive or sited in a garden and used by members of the household in connection to the enjoyment of the house or as extra accommodation for visiting guests, provided the occupants continue to use the facilities of the house, then the siting of the caravan has not changed the ‘use’ of the land. However, if for example a caravan is sited in a garden and used as business premises, separately rented or used as a primary independent dwelling, with no relation to the main house, the local planning Authority could decide that an unauthorized ‘material change of use’ has occurred, for which planning permission will be required.

Mobile Homes and Caravans can be sited and used in a garden without the need for express planning consent. If the use is not considered part of, or incidental to, the house, then a ‘material change of use’ may have occurred. If the caravan is not considered to conform to the definition of a caravan then ‘building operations’ may have been carried out. In either case, planning permission will be required.

Key Legal References

Section 55(1) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 defines ‘development’, which requires planning permission, as carrying out of building and other operations or making of any material change in the use of any buildings or other land.

Under s 55(2)(d) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 the use of any buildings or other land within the curtilage of a dwellinghouse for any purpose incidental to the enjoyment of the dwellinghouse as such is not to be taken to involve development of the land.

The Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960 Schedule 1. Cases where a Caravan site License is not required. 1. Use within curtilage of a dwellinghouse. A site licence shall not be required for the use of land as a caravan site if the use is incidental to the enjoyment as such of a dwellinghouse within the curtilage of which the land is situated.

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